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Felony DUI and aggravated assault charges require an experienced Prescott DUI lawyer

Prescott is going through a tough enough time as it is, without dealing with the dangers of drunk drivers on the road.  A 43-year-old woman was arrested Tuesday night for suspicion of DUI.  The police measured her blood as 3 times over the legal limit.  Making matters worse, the woman was caught only after she crashed into several construction vehicles, narrowly missing the road crew and injuring a few drivers in the construction vehicles.  Driving drunk is a very risky behavior.  Even the slightest distraction and swerve can cause huge damage and even injuries or death.  Driving requires your full attention, particularly around construction, and alcohol impairs that ability with much less alcohol than most people would think.

The Prescott woman was charged with felony DUI, felony endangerment and aggravated assault for crashing into the road construction vehicle.  A DUI charge is serious enough but charges can quickly escalate from a simple DUI if there is a crash involved.  These charges must be faced with a knowledgeable and experienced Prescott DUI lawyer on your side.  Arizona Prescott DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez takes his duty as your counsel extremely seriously.  He will be there to protect your rights and fight to get you the best possible outcome considering the serious circumstances.

If you or a loved one is charged with Prescott DUI, Prescott felony DUI, Prescott aggravated assault, and/or Prescott endangerment, or anywhere in Arizona, make the right call to Prescott DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez Law right away for your free consultation.