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Getting Most for Your Car Accident Claim with top Phoenix personal injury attorney


As one of Arizona’s top Phoenix personal injury attorney, I know exactly how to get the most for your your car accident claim.  If you are trying to handle your car accident claim yourself, you are making a big mistake.  Insurance adjusters are the stingiest people on the face of the planet.  Their sole job is to ensure they pay people as little as possible.  Because we handle so many car accident claims through out Arizona, including in Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler and Scottsdale, insurance companies know that when someone hires Matthew Lopez Law, they mean business.  We have connections with several chiropractors throughout the valley and will be able to send you to a chiropractor closest to your home or work that will treat you without you having to pay any out of pocket medical expenses.  When we settle your personal injury case, we will take care of everything for you.

If you have been injured in a car accident, not only is it important that you hire an experienced Phoenix personal injury attorney, it is critical that you hire a personal injury lawyer that has good working relationships with chiropractors.  A good working relationships means that we will have multiple discussions with the chiropractors and other medical providers to ensure your case is being handled the best way in order to provide you with the most money.

Don’t hire a car accident lawyer that has a catchy jingle – hire a Phoenix personal injury attorney that has a reputation as being fierce and getting the job done!  We will not collect a dime from our clients unless we settle their claim with the insurance company.  Call us today to discuss your car accident case for free!  You will be happy you did.