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It was just a little pot and a pipe…should I hire a Tempe drug possession lawyer?

Federal officials in Yuma seized more that 160 pounds of marijuana that was being dropped by an ultra light plane across the border.  This mount of marijuana is not often found in the Valley, but arrests are made every day for lesser amounts as well as drug paraphernalia.  College students are notorious marijuana users and Arizona State University campus police and Tempe police are frequently charging ASU students with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.  While a small amount of pot for your own use or some personal paraphernalia seems like a minor offense, Tempe courts take these drug charges very seriously and have a very low tolerance for marijuana use.  Arizona views drugs charges as one of the more serious charges and the consequences can be severe.

Arizona State University students charged with marijuana possession or drug paraphernalia must also take the situation seriously and hire an experienced drug possession lawyer.  ASU students have received favorable outcomes by hiring ASU Tempe drug possession lawyer Matthew Lopez.  Tempe drug possession lawyer Matthew Lopez is extremely knowledgable of the ASU and Tempe complex legal systems, and is also very familiar with the prosecutors, judges and courts.  Matthew Lopez Law will fight to get you the best possible outcome for your marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia charges.

Being arrested for marijuana is an extremely stressful situation but Tempe drug possession lawyer Matthew Lopez will help you through it and relieve some of the stress from your already busy life.  Matthew Lopez Law always offers free consultations to go over your case and to answer any questions you might have.