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Top ASU criminal defense attorney helps students of top ranked University

A recent list of the world’s top 100 universities included both Arizona State University and University of Arizona.  On the list released by The Center for World University Ranking, ASU ranked number 76th  in the world and U of A ranked 78th.  Even with the honor of being included in such a prestigious list, ASU students still know how to have a good time, which often results in finding themselves in trouble with the law.  With the numerous bars and clubs in the ASU area, Tempe and Scottsdale, ASU students are frequently arrested for consuming alcohol under 21, possession of alcohol while under 21, and urinating in public (often times a direct result of drinking alcohol).

ASU students have to be careful after being arrested for alcohol offenses: ASU police could be involved and notify the school, at which time your security at the university may be in jeopardy, along with the numerous other consequences you face with such charges.  These alcohol offenses, while they seem minor and harmless, should be taken extremely seriously.  The conviction can leave a lasting scar on your record and affect not only your current education and work life, but also your career and education goals in the future.  An experienced ASU criminal defense attorney is needed to make sure the case is thoroughly and properly reviewed and defended.  Tempe MIC lawyer Tempe MIP lawyer Matthew Lopez handles hundreds of ASU alcohol cases for ASU students and will fight hard to get you the best possible outcome to protect your future.

ASU alcohol related charges should not be taken lightly or defended alone.  Hire a knowledgeable respected ASU criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez Law if you are charged with MIC, MIP, or urinating in public.  Contact Tempe ASU criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez today to talk about your charges during a free case evaluation.