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Truck And Trailer Rollover Victims Get Relief by Hiring Tempe Personal Injury Lawyer

A roll over crash in New River last week caused huge delays for Valley residents trying to get up north for the weekend.  A truck and a trailer rolled over in the I-17 closing down one of the two lanes northbound while the clean up and investigation took place.  Injuries were unknown and it is unknown if there were any other vehicles involved.  Rollovers seem to happen quite frequently in the Valley, often times involving a larger commercial or recreational vehicle.  These types of vehicles have less stability than everyday cars, and drivers often are less used to driving them, causing crashes.

These types of accidents, as expected, cause all kinds of injuries ranging from minor cuts and scrapes to major life threatening injuries.  Often there is an at-fault party who is actually cited for something that caused the accident.  Injuries from car accidents can cost you a lot of money: on medical bills, on time off work, and not to mention the emotional scarring left after such a frightening incident.  Phoenix personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez has handled many car accidents in the Valley and has been successful at collecting the money his clients deserve.

Car accidents can leave you in a world of pain but as the victim, you should not have to pay all the associated costs to be left out of pocket.  Tempe personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez will work tirelessly with the insurance companies and medical providers to get you the best settlement.  Contact Matthew Lopez Law today if you or a loved one was injured in a car accident.  You will be glad you did.