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Viral DUI checkpoint video challenges police protocol

A video of a Tennessee man being stopped at a DUI checkpoint over the weekend has gone viral.  The video, taken by a hidden camera in the car, shows the police intimidating the driver and searching his vehicle after a K9 supposedly sniffed drugs, when in fact the driver had not been drinking at all or had any illegal substances in his car.  While some of the legal narrative the man added on the video are questionable and not as straight-forward as he makes them out to be, the video does leave many wondering what are my rights as a driver if I am pulled over at a DUI checkpoint.

DUI task forces are out checking for drunk drivers especially around holidays.

Police officers can be intimidating and you may find yourself feeling bullied or disrespected, but comply because you are unaware of when they might be crossing the line of their legal limitations.  If you are pulled over either at a checkpoint or after a traffic stop, it is important to make sure your rights have not been violated by called experienced DUI attorney Matthew Lopez.  Tempe DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez conducts in depth reviews of the police report, interviews the arresting officer, reviews the stop to ensure it was made properly and all policies and procedures were followed, and will present a powerful defense against your charges.

DUI charges are extremely serious and are not to be taken lightly.

The conviction will stay on your record forever and can affect your current and future education and career goals.  If you are charged with a DUI, hire knowledgeable Glendale DUI attorney and Scottsdale DUI attorney Matthew Lopez Law.  Contact Matthew Lopez Law at 602-960-1731 for a free consultation.