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ASU Fake ID – Be Careful, Bars are Cracking Down!

As the ASU freshmen are moving in and settling down for the upcoming semester, restaurants and bars in the area are pumping up security to catch bold minors who attempt to get in using a fake ID.  For many freshmen this is the first time away from parents and living away from home.  This new freedom sometimes can lead to some poor decisions with serious consequences.  Using a fake ID to get into a bar is a serious offense and while it may be quite common, the courts do not have much leniency for the young adults.  In Arizona, it is a misdemeanor for a person to possess or use a fraudulent or false identification or the identification of another person.  It is also a misdemeanor to make false statements to a police officer.  These charges carry a wide range of consequences, including fines, alcohol abuse classes, drivers license suspension, community service and sometime jail time.

Not only are you facing the above consequences, but the misdemeanor stays on your record affecting current and future education and job success.  Hiring an experienced attorney is key to fighting the charges and reducing or eliminating the consequences.  Tempe fake ID lawyer Matthew Lopez thoroughly reviews the case, and will handle all court appearance, paperwork, and any drivers license issues you might have.  ASU criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez has helped hundreds of under 21 alcohol offense clients.  School should be students’ main focus, not a fake ID charge, court appearances and fines.

Tempe False identification attorney Matthew Lopez will gladly answer all of your questions during a free consultation.  Call Matthew Lopez Law today at 602-960-1731.