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Bartlett Lake OUI Attorney Helps Clients Through Rough Water

Stay Out of Jail by Calling a Bartlett Lake OUI Attorney

One of the most popular lakes in the Phoenix area is Bartlett Lake, located only 45 minutes from downtown Phoenix. It is the second largest lake in the area, in fact, more than Saguaro Lake and Canyon Lake combined.  Lots of boating area means lots of boaters getting out of town and enjoying the sun and water.  Family and friends can get together and have an enjoyable day on the lake and often that includes beers or mixed drinks, adding to the vacation feel.  Although open alcohol is allowed on a boat, the driver is still responsible for following the laws.  Drinking while driving a boat, called an OUI, or Bartlett Lake operating under the influence, is just as illegal and taken just as seriously as a DUI on the road.  The serious consequences associated with a boating DUI need to be handled by a serious Bartlett Lake OUI Attorney.

Drivers of the boats on Bartlett Lake must not be impaired and the laws are enforced by police on boats themselves who can pull you over when you least expect it, especially on weekends and busy holidays.  Being charged with a Bartlett Lake OUI should be taken very seriously.  Bartlett Lake OUI attorney Matthew Lopez has handled many Arizona boating DUI cases and understands the laws, the court systems, and the range of consequences.  Bartlett Lake OUI Attorney Matthew Lopez will fight to get you the best possible outcome to your charges and strongly focuses on customer service to his clients, answering questions whenever you have them along the way.

If you are charged with a Bartlett Lake OUI, contact Tempe OUI attorney Matthew Lopez today to discuss your case for free.  You will be glad you made that call.