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Illegal Prescription Drug Sales: Prescription for Trouble

Phoenix Prescription Drug Lawyer Here to Help Keep you out of Prison

Twelve people have been arrested in Phoenix for selling prescription drugs illegally that were manufactured in Mexico.  Officials served search warrants to stores and homes, finding evidence after the yearlong investigation, and made the arrests today.  The charges against the twelve individuals are extremely serious.  Possession, use, administration, acquisition, sale, manufacture or transportation of prescription-only drugs is a class 6 felony and comes with serious consequences.  Nobody should attempt to face these charges without a knowledgeable and skilled Arizona prescription drug attorney.

All of the above actions involving prescription drugs are taken very seriously by the State of Arizona.  Prosecutors will file the charges and will seek the maximum penalties.  In order to fight the charges and have the best chance of reducing or eliminating the consequences, contact Tempe drug possession lawyer Matthew Lopez Law immediately.  Matthew Lopez is very familiar with drug charges and the Arizona court system, prosecutors and judges.  Hiring Tempe criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez will ensure a thorough, professional and effective defense.

Contact Matthew Lopez Law today for a free case consultation, or visit our website for more information on drug charges.