Record Rainfall Causes Car Accidents. Call Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer to Get Back on the Road to Recovery!

Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer will Help You Get Back on the Right Track

Flagstaff got more than its fair share of rain in July.  The National Weather Service says that Flagstaff tied its record for the wettest July.  A little further south in the Valley, we also got quite a bit of the wet stuff and hopefully will see some more this weekend.  Rain is a good way to water your plants and cool off the summer heat, but those storms and heavy rain falls can be very dangerous if you are on the road.  Driving in a down pour, which is not uncommon during monsoon in Arizona, requires some good reflexes, lots of sense, and extreme caution.  Rain cause visibility to decrease and the roads become extremely slippery.  Drivers who fail to take the proper precautions are dangerous to all the other drivers and can easily cause accidents resulting in injuries.

If you are on the road during a rainstorm you can only control your own actions.  Many times we may be taking all the proper precautions but another driver does not and causes you be in an accident.  If you are in a car accident that was not your fault, you could be entitled to a large cash settlement.  Hire Arizona’s elite car accident lawyer Matthew Lopez to fight to get you the maximum amount that you deserve.  Phoenix personal injury attorney Matthew Lopez will work with the insurance companies and medical providers and provides exceptional customer service to his clients throughout the process.

Those car accident injuries are painful, inconvenient, and expensive.  Do not let a bad driver ruin your summer.  Contact Tempe personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez right away if you or a loved one was injured in car accident.

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