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Tempe Personal Injury Attorney Helps Victims of Motorcycle Accidents

Tempe Personal Injury Attorney Gets Motorcycle Accident Victims Paid!

Another motorcycle accident in the Phoenix metro area unfortunately resulted in the motorcyclist losing his life.  The crash occurred last night in Glendale.  A vehicle crashed into the motorcyclist, attempted to flee the scene, struck another vehicle, then was chased and held by witnesses until police arrived.  This horrific accident serves as another reminder as to how dangerous it is out on the roads for bikers.

The driver of the vehicle was possibly under the influence of alcohol, according to some reports.  Of course the legal woes of the driver of the car does not compare to the heartache and stress the family and friends face by losing their loved one.  In this case, it is so important for the family of the victim to get questions answered by a knowledgeable and experienced Tempe personal injury attorney.  The victim lost his life due to another person’s mistakes and poor judgment.  The family deserves a fair settlement from the insurance company for their terrible and sad loss.  Tempe personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez is highly experienced with motorcycle and car accidents and will relieve some of the stress by collecting the amount you deserve.  Insurance companies will try to discuss the injuries and details with you, and will try to offer a less-than-appropriate amount to settle.  DO NOT discuss the injuries with the insurance companies, and do not accept their settlement offer, until your have discussed the case with Tempe personal injury attorney Matthew Lopez.

Matthew Lopez Law prides itself on its customer service and client relations.  You will never be bothering us if you have questions, and you will be kept in the loop throughout the case.  Contact Matthew Lopez Law immediately if you or a loved one has been injured in a car or motorcycle accident.