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Transportation of Meth Could Transport You to Jail

Dont Let Transportation of Meth Send you to Prison – Call Matthew Lopez Law

A woman was arrested today for attempting to smuggle close to three pounds of methamphetamine into Arizona at the San Luis border crossing.  The woman was driving an SUV and had hidden the meth in her purse and on various areas of her body to try and sneak past border patrol agents.  A K9 unit sniffed the drugs and offers searched her and the vehicle leading to her immediate arrest.  The temptation of quick and easy money is too great for some people who get themselves into big trouble by transporting drugs.  Whether it is across the border to Mexico, across stateliness or just within the state, Arizona drug transportation charges and Arizona drug trafficking charges are nothing to take lightly.  Arizona is particularly strict when it comes to transportation of meth, a highly addictive and pervasive drug.

If you are facing an Arizona Transportation of meth charge or Arizona methamphetamine trafficking charges, it important that you face the realty of this serious situation.  Your future is on the line: do not attempt to navigate the court system yourself.  First, call Arizona drug trafficking lawyer Matthew Lopez for a free consultation.  Tempe drug transportation attorney Matthew Lopez is happy to discuss your case in depth and answer any of your questions.  A knowledgeable and trained drug attorney is vital in these types of cases because the charges and consequences are so serious and the prosecutors have little to no tolerance.

Arizona Methamphetamine lawyer And or course, a lot is on the line for you.  Do not make the mistake of facing the charges alone. Arizona drug lawyer Matthew Lopez Law will be there to fight to get you the best possible outcome and to protect your rights.