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Arizona DUI attorney helps wrong way drivers back on the right path

A Phoenix woman was arrested last week after she was seen driving the wrong way on Interstate 17.  Officials allege that the woman was driving under the influence of alcohol.  She has been charged with numerous counts including DUI, aggravated assault, and five counts of endangerment.  Luckily for other drivers, and the woman herself, there were no reported injuries or deaths.  As you can see from the number of charges the woman has against her, a driving under the influence arrest in Arizona can easily escalate into a much more serious case.

Being drunk or under the influence of any drug, including marijuana, meth or cocaine, can cause your motor skills, judgment, awareness and reaction time to go down.  All this combined can cause you to drive erratically and become unaware of your surroundings, a dangerous cocktail if you are behind the wheel.  Since you are putting not just yourself and your passengers, but also every other driver and pedestrian in the area in danger, Arizona takes DUIs extremely seriously and often piles on charges such as the ones listed above.  If you are charged with an Arizona DUI, Arizona endangerment, or Arizona DUI aggravated assault, contact Tempe DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez right away to discuss your case in detail.  Arizona DUI attorney Matthew Lopez Law has been trained in DUI defenses and has experience with all types of DUIs in Arizona.  Arizona DUI attorney Matthew Lopez is familiar with the courts in the area and works with prosecutors to get his clients the best outcome possible.

Contact Arizona DUI attorney Matthew Lopez at 602-960-1731 or visit the website MatthewLopezLaw.com for more information on Arizona DUIs and Arizona DUI defenses.