ASU assistant athletic director arrested: Phoenix aggravated assault lawyer on call to help

After an alleged violent attack on his wife at their Chandler home, an Arizona State University assistant athletic director has been arrested and charged with some serious crimes.  Sherman Morris was placed on administrative leave from ASU, but on Tuesday it was confirmed that he has officially resigned from his position at the university.  Mr. Morris was arrested and charged with two counts of assault: aggravated assault and aggravated assault-strangulation.  The violent attack left Morris’ wife with a broken tooth and a cut chin, and certainly some long-lasting emotional scars as well.  This incident does not help the rough reputation ASU is getting in the press, with numerous crimes occurring recently on and around the campus including rapes, assaults, underage drinking and DUIs.

Being charged with a Phoenix aggravated assault is a very serious crime requiring a highly experienced Phoenix aggravated assault lawyer.  While the above allegations are clearly inexcusable, many times a person can be charged with aggravated assault for a misunderstanding, a minor altercation that has been exaggerated, or even for a self-defense situation.  It is important that if you are charged with aggravated assault to discuss your case immediately with Phoenix aggravated assault lawyer Matthew Lopez.  There are many defenses to an aggravated assault charge.  Phoenix aggravated assault lawyer Matthew Lopez Law can thoroughly review the facts and evidence of your case, interview relevant people involved, ensure your rights are being protected, and work with prosecutors to get you the best possible outcome.

Phoenix aggravated assault lawyer Matthew Lopez understands the severity of this crime and will ensure the court hears all sides of the situation.  If you are arrested for aggravated assault, call Phoenix criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez right away for a free evaluation.

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