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ASU marijuana possession lawyer here to help, until McCain gets his way

A well-known and well-respected Arizona politician has surprisingly spoken out about possibly supporting the legalization of marijuana.  John McCain, Arizona’s republican senator, told a town hall last week that “maybe we should legalize marijuana.”  Statements like this are certainly popping up more and more, seeing that several states have legalized small amounts of marijuana for recreational use, and many states are on board now with its medical use.  Arizona legalized medical marijuana last year and is still growing the infrastructure, but there has not been any movement yet on legalizing for recreational use.  Marijuana in any amount is illegal to possess or sell if you are not in the state medical marijuana program.

Recreational use of marijuana is wide spread particularly in college towns.  Students are notorious for using pot sometimes once in a while and sometimes regularly.  ASU police, Tempe police, and Maricopa County Sheriffs are always looking out for signs of marijuana use and often arrest students with possession of marijuana or driving under the influence of marijuana.  If you have been arrested for Tempe possession of marijuana, your current educational status and future career depends on the outcome of your case.

Tempe drug lawyer Matthew Lopez has resolved many drug cases for his clients, and received favorable outcomes.  ASU marijuana possession lawyer Matthew Lopez Law is a well-respected ASU criminal defense attorney and is experienced with the Tempe and surrounding area’s courts, prosecutors, and their unique court systems.  Contact Arizona marijuana possession lawyer Matthew Lopez today for a free consultation: we can get started on your case immediately.