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ASU Police Conduct Operation Safe and Sober

Operation Safe and Sober recently wrapped up a campaign in the area surrounding ASU to crack down on drunk driving and underage drinking.  Due to an increase in alcohol related crime in the past year, and too many extreme cases of underage drinking that made the news, Tempe Police along with the Sheriff’s Office and several other agencies set out to flood the streets with officers and make arrests for anything from Minor in Possession and Minor in Consumption, to Aggravated Assault, DUI, and even drug crimes.  Officers conducted DUI task forces, loud music complaint responses, party patrols, and routine traffic stops and even focused on bicycle and pedestrian violations.

According to azcentral.com, over several weekends of the Safe and Sober campaign, officers made almost 1400 arrests, sending a loud and clear message.  This number includes 309 arrests for DUI, 125 for MIP, and 381 for MIC.  While the lesson in painful, the lesson is important: alcohol can be a risky behavior especially around minors in a college town.  The misdemeanors and felonies charged during Operation Safe and Sober are serious and life-changing, but Tempe criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez is experienced in all these types of cases and has helped many ASU students with their Tempe MIC Tempe MIP Tempe DUI and Tempe aggravated assault charges.

Your education and future career are in jeopardy if you were arrested during operation Safe and Sober.  These crimes can stay on your record forever.  ASU criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez is knowledgeable in all types of criminal cases, especially in Tempe area courts, and will fight to get you the best possible outcome so you can move on with your life as quickly as possible.  Contact Matthew Lopez Law today for a free consultation 602-960-1731, or visit our website for more information on ASU criminal defense.