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Bizarre pedestrian death calls for Arizona personal injury attorney

An accident in Central Phoenix Sunday night is definitely one to make headlines.  Not only was there a fatality, which was shocking enough, but the circumstances were extremely bizarre.  According to Police, two vehicles crashed into one another near 15th Avenue and McDowell, causing one of the vehicles to hit a traffic pole.  The pole then fell onto a nearby pedestrian, killing him almost immediately.  The family of the victim is certainly in shock not just because they have lost a loved one, but also because of the unlikely and inexplicable events that led to his untimely death.

Pedestrians are everywhere around our streets.  Drivers have to be extremely cautious driving, especially around the downtown area where many people choose to walk to their destination or the nearest bus stop.  Pedestrians are often hit by negligent drivers, by no fault of their own, causing serious injuries or even death.  Families of injured or killed pedestrians must immediately contact experienced Arizona personal injury attorney Matthew Lopez to discuss the case and get sound legal advice on the best way to proceed.  Insurance companies will attempting to discuss your injures and will try to get you to say something that could damage and weaken, even destroy, your case.  Do not discuss your injuries with insurance companies until you have talked with Arizona personal injury attorney Matthew Lopez.

Matthew Lopez Law handles Arizona car accidents, as well as Arizona motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and bicycle accidents.  Anytime you are injured and are not at fault, you should get the maximum settlement you deserve.  With a client-focused philosophy, Arizona personal injury attorney Matthew Lopez Law highly values his customers and will fight hard to get you that settlement, while you focus on healing emotionally and physically and most importantly, spending time with the people you love.