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Contact experienced Tempe dog bite lawyer for all your questions after a dog attack

A toddler was killed on Sunday in Gilbert when he was caught up in a dog fight at his babysitters home.  The babysitter was trying to break up a fight between three dogs when the 2 ½ year old was attacked.  He later died at the hospital.  The babysitter also went to the hospital for injuries.  Dogs of all shapes and sizes can unexpectedly attack a person.  It is the dog owner’s responsibility to make sure this does not happen, and that their dog is controlled.  In this case, the dog may have inadvertently attacked the toddler, but the boy was put in danger.  His family must now face the daunting future of mourning their young child.

No person, young or old, should have to suffer an Arizona dog bite, and their family certainly should never have to lose a loved one to a dog attack.  The family of the victim not only us suffering from the emotional and psychological loss, but now must also face huge financial stress.  The expenses of losing a loved one are astronomical and can quickly deplete entire savings.  Tempe dog bite lawyer Matthew Lopez knows the stress of this kind of loss and helps victims of dog bites to collect the money they deserve.  Do not make any decisions following an Arizona dog bite until you have spoken with Tempe dog bitelawyer Matthew Lopez.  During a free case consultation, you can have all of your questions answered and feel more confident moving forward.

Contact Tempe dog bite lawyer Matthew Lopez and he can relieve a small part of the stress you are experiencing, so that you can focus on healing and spending time with your family.  Tempe dog bite attorney Matthew Lopez is a knowledgeable and experienced Arizona dog bite personal injury lawyer and will work with medical providers and insurance companies to resolve your case and get you the settlement you deserve.