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Coyotes fans call on Glendale Arizona DUI lawyer

With the long, long lasting debates and drama over the Arizona NHL team, the Coyotes are here to stay.  After four years of back and forth, the team now has an owner and the arena lease agreement has been approved.  Hockey fans are pleased that they can go to Glendale Arena to watch an exhilarating and rowdy hockey game, and Glendale’s Westgate Entertainment District is even more pleased.  Fans of both the Coyotes and the Cardinals often spend time before and after the games in the open-air mall, eating, shopping, and of course, drinking.

Glendale Arizona DUI lawyer After Coyotes games, Glendale police carefully patrol the area looking for signs of impairment on the roads.  Fans who enjoyed a few drinks at the game or afterwards at their favorite bar risk being pulled over for anything from swerving, rolling through a stop, to any minor traffic violation.  Once pulled over, the officer will use their DUI training to assess whether or not you appear impaired, and if so, will perform further assessments.  Being charged with a Glendale DUI is serious and calls for a highly trained and knowledgeable Glendale Arizona DUI lawyer.  Glendale Arizona DUI attorney Matthew Lopez knows the best defense to a DUI and will fight to reduce or even eliminate the charges.

Take your Glendale Arizona DUI seriously with Glendale’s elite DUI law firm. Contact Arizona criminal defense lawyer Matthew Lopez Law today for a free evaluation of your Glendale Arizona DUI case.  We can get started on your case immediately.