Dust causes accidents, injuries: Tempe personal injury attorney fights for what you deserve

Everyone is enjoying the perfect fall temperatures today, but the weather earlier in the week was another story.  The high winds in the area caused blowing dust to roll over the Valley.  Visibility was so low on some roads that drivers could not see in front of them.  Twelve crashes and several road closures were reported on Valley freeways.  Thirty-six people were treated for injuries.  In poor visibility conditions such as dust storms, all drivers behind the wheel are responsible for cautiously navigating the dangerous roads to protect themselves, their passengers and others.  This may mean slowing down to a crawl, pulling over, or using emergency flasher lights so other drivers can more easily see you.  Unfortunately, many times drivers will not take the proper precautions, and by taking unnecessary risks, cause an accident.

Luckily, most of the accidents on Thursday were fender benders and only minor injuries were reported.  Even minor injuries, however, can cause long lasting pain, or even worsen as time goes on.  It is extremely important that if you are injured in an Arizona car accident that you immediately call Tempe personal injury attorney Matthew Lopez and discuss your case in detail with him.  Experienced Tempe personal injury attorney Matthew Lopez has handled many car accident cases and will be able to answer all of your questions during a free case evaluation.  Remember: do not discuss your injuries with insurance companies.  To hire a knowledgeable Tempe personal injury attorney is to relieve much of the stress associated with being injured in an accident.

Keep this number in your phone: 602-980-1987 and call Tempe personal injury attorney Matthew Lopez right away if you are injured in a car accident anywhere in Arizona.  Arizona’s elite personal injury law firm Matthew Lopez Law is here to help you get the maximum settlement you deserve.

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