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Glendale Arizona underage drinking lawyer saves your football season

The Cardinals pulled off a win this weekend against Tampa Bay and Arizona football fans wiped the sweat off their brows, at least for this week.  Watching football games is a strong tradition in Arizona, whether you are rooting for the local team or the team from your own hometown.  Many football fans are also fans of beer, and often games and a cold one always go hand in hand.  Glendale Westgate mall has a great atmosphere for watching the games at it many bars and restaurants, and being near the action at the stadium, even if you don’t have a ticket.  Young people be careful: Glendale police are very aware of minors trying to buy alcohol and will happily arrest you if they see you buy or take a sip of alcohol.

If you are arrested for underage drinking in Glendale, also known as a Glendale Arizona minor in possession or Glendale Arizona minor in consumption, you are facing a misdemeanor criminal charge.  Arizona courts are very strict on alcohol related offenses, since crime is often associated with alcohol consumption.  If convicted, you are likely to have to pay fines, go to alcohol classes, community service, and your license might be suspended.  This charge will remain on your record for the rest of your life.  An experienced Glendale Arizona underage drinking lawyer is undeniably a must-have.  Glendale Arizona underage drinking lawyer Matthew Lopez has handled hundreds of MIP and MIC cases all across the Valley and has fought hard for his clients to reduce the consequences and speedily resolve the matter.

Not only will Glendale Arizona underage drinking lawyer Matthew Lopez handle court appearances and paperwork, but will ensure your rights are protected and ensure you are getting a good deal from prosecutors.  Glendale Arizona is a busy place for drinking related arrests.  Don’t ruin your football season with a Glendale AZ MIP or Glendale AZ MIC.  Contact Matthew Lopez Law today for your free case consultation.