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Goodyear men should call experienced Arizona drug transportation lawyer

Police busted a pair of men attempting to transport over 800 pounds of marijuana hidden in pizza cheese last week.  The marijuana was found in a semi truck at a motel in Goodyear, where police say the Ohio men were planning to transport the marijuana east.  The smugglers are now facing some serious legal charges, including transportation of marijuana.  Because of its proximity to the border and the likelihood or being a entry way for dangerous substances into the US, the Arizona court system takes drug offenses very seriously, whether it is large truck loads or just a small amount.

Arizona drug transportation lawyer Matthew Lopez is experienced in all drug charges and makes his clients his top priority.  Arizona transportation of marijuana and Phoenix marijuana trafficking charges carry with them steep consequences: a conviction most likely results in prison time, as well as fines, probation, court appearances, and a permanent scar on your record.  Let Tempe marijuana lawyer Matthew Lopez represent you, protect your rights, and fight hard to get the charges reduced or even eliminated.

An Arizona drug trafficking charge is nothing to take on by yourself.  Hire knowledgeable and client-focused Arizona drug transportation lawyer Matthew Lopez Law.  Call our office at 602-960-1731 for a free case consultation today, or visit our website for more information.