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Hire Arizona assault lawyer to fight your assault charges

A Tucson high school principal has been arrested and charged with assault after an altercation between him and his stepdaughter’s boyfriend.  The Saguaro High School principal allegedly punched the teen in the early morning hours on Monday.  Not only is he in trouble with the school district, but he is also facing some serious assault charges from the police.  The actions that can result in an assault charge can vary widely.  Assault is not just the act of fighting, but can be merely touching with an intent to provoke, or intentionally or unintentionally causing physical harm to another.  Because the charges are so broad, it is important you hire an experienced Arizona assault attorney to represent you.

Phoenix assault defense lawyer Matthew Lopez has represented people from all walks of life and who find themselves charged with assault or aggravated assault.  Tempe criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez Law knows assault laws well and is familiar with courts all over the state.  Depending on the type of assault, you could be facing a misdemeanor or a felony, which can complicate matters even more.  You must be sure to take these charges and the possible consequences very seriously, and show the courts that you are taking them seriously by hiring a knowledgeable and well-respected Arizona assault attorney.

Arizona assault lawyer Matthew Lopez Law offers free case evaluations to answer all of your questions.  If you have a pending assault charge against you, contact Matthew Lopez Law today to get started on fighting your charges and getting you the best possible outcome.