Phoenix personal injury lawyer stresses importance of legal consultation after an accident

A pedestrian was hit by an out of control car on Tuesday night while she was waiting for a bus at the bus stop in Glendale.  The driver was suspected to be distracted.  Speed and alcohol were not believed to be a factor.  The woman, 19, was lucky and even though she was sent to the hospital and has minor injuries, is expected to be fine.  The driver is lucky as well, since this type of accident could have easily caused serious injuries or even death to the pedestrian and anyone else standing at the bus stop.  The injuries, while minor, could have long lasting effects and could negatively affect her life.  Pain and suffering could appear days or even weeks after the incident.  The complexity of injuries from a car-pedestrian accident requires a highly knowledgeable Phoenix personal injury lawyer.

Insurance companies are required to cover drivers who hit pedestrians, but will fight tooth and nail to pay as little as possible, no matter how inappropriate the amount may be.  Their first settlement offer most likely will not even cover your medical expenses.  If you are hit by a driver, you should not have to deal with the insurance companies’ games.  It is complicated and very time-consuming.  Let experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez do the work for you.  Phoenix personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez will work with insurance companies and medical providers to get you the best possible settlement, and the amount your deserve for your injuries.

Injuries can seem minor at first, but the physical, emotional, and psychological scars could be long lasting.  Make sure you get the money you deserve by calling elite Phoenix personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez right away after an accident at 602-980-1987, or visit the website for more information about personal injury cases and our firm.

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