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Tempe & Scottsdale underage drinking consequences? ASU underage drinking lawyer fights for clients

A popular Tempe bar has been fined after an investigation into the death of an ASU student.  Officials discovered that the 19-year-old was served alcohol at Cadillac Ranch at the nearby Tempe Marketplace before his death later that night.  Cadillac Ranch had been cited three times in the past 4 years for serving alcohol to under age customers.  Under age drinking is a huge issue in the Valley, with the thousands of bars and restaurants and an influx of people under 21 coming to the state to go to ASU.  Bars and restaurants love the business and sometimes look the other way when it comes to checking IDs, other establishments understand the dangers and the consequences of serving young people and catch them at the door.

Tempe MIP lawyer

Every weekend, bars collect piles of fake IDs from people under 21 trying to buy alcohol.  Many times this results in the police being called.  Being under age and trying to buy alcohol is illegal, as is using a fake ID or some else’s ID, and making false statements to a police officer.  These charges are common surrounding the ASU area of Tempe and Scottsdale, but those who take their education, career and future most seriously will hire an experienced Arizona MIC attorney Arizona MIP attorney.  Tempe ASU criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez represents hundreds of minors who have made a mistake and are trying to move on with their schooling, jobs and lives.

An underage drinking charge can stay on your record forever; this is something to take especially seriously.  If you or a loved one is charged with an Arizona MIP, Arizona MIC, Arizona fake ID, or Arizona false statements charge, contact Scottsdale MIP lawyer Matthew Lopez Law immediately for a free case evaluation.