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Arrested with high BAC? Call Scottsdale extreme DUI lawyer to fight the charges

‘Tis the season in the Valley for a busy social calendar! As always in Arizona this time of year, there are plenty of fun activities going on this weekend to keep you entertained and well-socialized.  Many of this weekend’s hot spots are at night, such as several music concerts and a Jazz festival at Arizona Grand Resort.  Most of these events offer alcohol of some sort to keep the adults happy and mingling.  If you are planning to go out and drink, remember that police officers are always on the watch for impaired drivers and are ready and waiting to pull you over.  Unfortunately, when a lot of alcohol is consumed, the driver often convinces himself or herself that they are ok to drive when they are far from it.  Being caught driving while having a very high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is called extreme DUI or super extreme DUI.

An Arizona Regular DUI and an Arizona Extreme DUI are both class one misdemeanors, but extreme DUI convictions carry harsher penalties and are taken much more seriously.  IT is important hat if you are charged with an extreme DUI in Arizona that you take the charges very seriously and contact an highly experienced Scottsdale extreme DUI lawyer.  Arizona’s elite Scottsdale extreme DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez has helped hundreds of clients get favorable outcomes from their charges.  Matthew Lopez Law works well with the prosecutors and courts in the Valley and will fight to get the charges reduced or dismissed.

An extreme DUI conviction on your record can quickly affect your life, now and far into the future.  Arrange for a designated driver or taxi, but if you are arrested for an extreme DUI or super extreme DUI, contact Scottsdale extreme DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez today for a free no obligation consultation.  We can get started on your case immediately.