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Casa Grande DUI Attorney ensures thorough, professional and quality defense

An article on AZ Central Monday highlighted the health benefits of beer, so all you beer lovers can celebrate with a tall cold one.  Wine usually gets the reputation for being good for you, with the grapes and antioxidants, but beer has its own powers.  Beer, according to this article, is good for your bones, high in protein and Vitamin B, and has less calories.  The article did leave out one aspect of beer that can be very bad for your health, and that is driving after drinking it.  Alcohol impairs all of us and your blood alcohol content can be hard to judge, especially after you have had a few judgment-clouding beverages.  If you decide to drive after drinking, you run the risk of being pulled over.  Don’t think you have to be swerving or driving erratically to see those lights in your rear view mirror.  Police can identify impairment with just minor traffic violations that many of us do day-to-day.

Once pulled over, police are trained to determine whether or not you are impaired.  Some of these tests are accurate and some are not, but it is guaranteed that they will arrest you show any sign of impairment.  If you are arrested for driving under the influence, the first call you should make is to Casa Grande DUI attorney Matthew Lopez.  Casa Grande DUI attorney Matthew Lopez will listen to your situation and will answer any and all questions you might have during a free consultation.  Once hired, Maricopa Arizona DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez will give your case the utmost attention and will develop and strong, thorough and quality defense.

Casa Grande DUI attorney has handled hundreds of DUI case and has been able to work with prosecutors and the courts to get favorable outcomes.  Call Arizona DUI law firm Matthew Lopez Law today if you have been arrested for DUI.