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Chandler personal injury lawyer gets you the max for your injuries

rollover accident in Chandler on Saturday left two young children in critical condition and two other people with minor injuries.  The crash happened when a truck was traveling at high speeds westbound on Ray Road, lost control of the vehicle and crashed into an SUV.  The driver of the truck fled the scene leaving a passenger, his girlfriend, in the truck.  Police later arrested the man, who now faces several serious charges including endangerment, aggravated assault and hit and run.  The victims in the SUV were two 3 year old boys, a 1 year old girl and the 61 year old driver.  This type of accident happens more than you might think.  Drivers who are speeding, talking with someone in the car, changing the radio, or texting, or all of the above at the same time, pose a huge threat to other drivers on the road.  The driver and passengers in the SUV were innocent in this situation and did not deserve such pain and injuries, and are reeling form the incident with many questions and worries.  To relieve the stress of such a life changing accident, hire experienced Chandler personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez.

Chandler personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez is well respected and knowledgable when it comes to personal injury cases.  He will work with insurance companies and medical providers to ensure you get the settlement you deserve so you can focus on healing.  Injuries from car accidents may worsen over time and need professional medical attention.  Do not sell yourself short by skipping treatments or avoiding medical attention.  Your future physical and emotional comfort is at stake.

Chandler personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez has helped hundreds of satisfied clients receive the maximum amount for their injuries, time away from work, pain and inconvenience.  Call Matthew Lopez Law today for a free no obligation case evaluation.