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Halloween MIC – MIP? Call Scottsdale underage drinking attorney

With all the Halloween events happening around the Valley this month, there is no doubt anyone looking for a fun time will find it.  While some events are geared toward the younger crowd, there are many activities for the over 21 group at bars, shows, and festivals.  Many of these fall events will feature alcohol, and even though precautions are taken to ensure only people over twenty one are consuming alcoholic drinks, young people will attempt to sneak a few for themselves.  Many times, people under the age of 21 will attempt to buy alcohol using a fake ID or some one else’s ID.  These are serious crimes that police and security will be watching out for at this time of year.

If you are suspected of buying or consuming alcohol while under 21, police will immediately question you and ask for your ID.  If you provide false information to the officer during this time, you can face an additional charge of making false statements to a police officer, on top of the minor in consumption or minor in possession charge.  Many young people receive these charges every day in Arizona but just because it is common does not mean it should be taken lightly.  These charges are taken very seriously by Arizona courts and a conviction leaves a lasting scar on your record.  To demonstrate that you are taking the charges seriously yourself and to make sure you get the best possible outcome, hire experienced Scottsdale underage drinking attorney Matthew Lopez.  Scottsdale underage drinking attorneyMatthew Lopez has handled hundreds of cases in the Scottsdale court system and knows the prosecutors and protocols extremely well.

If you were arrested for consuming or buying alcohol while under 21 in Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, or Phoenix, call Scottsdale underage drinking attorney – Scottsdale criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez for a free consultation.