Injured in a bus accident? Arizona bus accident personal injury lawyer answers your questions

A horrific bus crash that killed at least eight people made national news last week.  The wreck happened in Tennessee after one of the tires blew out on the church bus, and it crossed the grassy median into oncoming traffic.  Six of the people killed were on the bus and two were in other vehicles.  Fourteen people were injured.  Bus crashes happen too frequently around the country.

When we get onto a tour bus, school bus, or city bus, we put our lives and faith into the driver.  The bus driver and the bus companies are responsible for their passengers safety, whether it is following the rules of the road, conducting the proper daily safety checks, or doing all the regular scheduled maintenance thoroughly on the vehicle.  If an accident occurs and you are injured due to a bus crash, you will be contacted almost immediately by insurance companies or the bus companies or their lawyers.  It is so important that you speak to an experienced Arizona bus accident personal injury lawyer before making any decisions or speaking with anyone about the injuries.  Their goal is for you to say something to damage your case and to settle with you for much less than your case is worth.  Tempe Arizona bus accident personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez will sit down with you for free to go over your case and answer all of your questions about pursuing a personal injury claim.  Matthew Lopez Law will work with your medical providers and the insurance companies so you don’t have to.

Arizona bus accident personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez fights hard for his clients to get the maximum settlement they deserve for their injuries.  Call Matthew Lopez Law today if you or a loved one has been injured in an Arizona bus accident.

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