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Marijuana charges in Arizona? Contact elite Goodyear marijuana possession lawyer today

A Goodyear Arizona man is in some deep trouble after more than one hundred marijuana plants were found in his home according to authorities in Goodyear.  The fifty five year old man was arrested after being the subject of an ongoing investigation on him by Goodyear police department when a patrol officer reportedly smelled marijuana.  The man now faces five felony charges.  Officials also found a quarter of a pound of marijuana and one gram of methamphetamine in the house.  He is being held without bail and has a long and stressful legal fight ahead of him.

Drug charges like these are taken extremely seriously by the Arizona court system.  The charges and consequences for such crimes can add up very quickly, and can have long lasting effects on your life.  With this much marijuana, prosecutors not be easy on him.  The State of Arizona will attempt to build a case to prove that he intended to sell it, as well as pursue other charges such as marijuana possession, marijuana trafficking, and possession of drug paraphernalia.  Facing these types of charges, it is vital to contact an experienced Goodyear marijuana possession lawyer right away to fight the charges and work with prosecutors to get the best possible results.  Goodyear marijuana possession lawyer Matthew Lopez always offers free no obligation cases consultations to go over the details of your charges and answer all of your questions.  Drug crimes require a highly knowledgeable and tough attorney who will make sure your rights are protected and develop a thorough and professional defense.

If you are arrested for Goodyear marijuana possession, Goodyear marijuana trafficking, or Goodyear possession of drug paraphernalia, or any drug charge in Arizona, call Goodyear marijuana possession lawyer Matthew Lopez right away to get started on fighting your charges immediately.  Do not delay this call: 602-960-1731.