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Phoenix bicycle accident attorney helps get you back on the pedals

We share the road with many different types of vehicles, from giant semi trucks, to recreational vehicles, to tiny compact cars, to motorcycles.  But the most vulnerable vehicle we drive past everyday is the classic human-powered bicycle.  This weekend, the roads will be even more busy with bicycles: Wounded Warriors, an organization that benefits wounded war veterans, is sponsoring several bike rides around the Valley to reunite and bring awareness to veterans coming home.  While we drive around over the next two days, we should be extra cautious of cyclists.  Giving them adequate space and being aware of their presence on the road is key to saving lives.

Car-bicycle accidents can be extremely dangerous.  Injuries can easily result even if the cyclist is wearing a helmet. Many riders do not, increasing the likelihood of serious injuries even more.  As a bicyclist, you are responsible for following the rules of the road correctly to protect yourself, but it is often the driver of the vehicle that is at fault when a car-bike collision takes place due to lack of awareness of the bike rider.  If you are ever injured in a car-bicycle accident anywhere in Arizona, you need to call Phoenix bicycle accident attorney Matthew Lopez Law immediately.  Phoenix bicycle accident attorney Matthew Lopez is experienced in these types of personal injury cases and knows the most effective ways to get the maximum settlement from insurance companies.

Don’t let injuries from a bicycle accident ruin your health… or your bank account.  Phoenix bicycle accident attorney Matthew Lopez will fight hard to get you the money you deserve to help you heal and move on with your life.  Call today for a free case evaluation and to get answers to all your questions: 602-960-1731.