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Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer – Our Founding Fathers’ Right-Hand.

Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer – Our Founding Fathers’ Right-Hand.

Our Founding Fathers devised a system to protect the people from being sent to prison or punished just because they are accused of murder, theft, or complaining about our government, its actions and its laws. Their system created a clause that relied on ‘proof’ of guilt or a crime, relying on what a group of their peers believed to be the truth based on evidence.

This proof had to show ‘beyond a doubt’ that a person was guilty and penalty was called for. This system means that our government has to be ethical, evidence has to be credible rather than false or planted, witnesses and their stories are honest, and admissions are not gotten by way of cruelty or duress.  Even if the person is truly ‘guilty’, the process and the system has to be followed.  That is why Phoenix criminal defense lawyers do business – to stop cheating, wrongful jail time, or letting an innocent man take the blame for something he truly did not do.

Phoenix criminal defense lawyers have a duty regardless of whether their client is, in fact, guilty.  Their job is to make the ‘other side’ show due cause and proof as to why his/her client is guilty.  An example of this would be O.J. Simpson and his trial. There was evidence all over that went from one side to the other.  Yes, O.J. did it – he killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Brown.  Others were certain O.J. could never do such a thing.  But because he was accused of a crime, it was his lawyers duty to pursue a fair trial.  That trial had to review all the evidence, listen to testimony and make sure that O.J.’s ‘freedom’ was not stolen from him unjustly.

Now you ask – did his lawyer ‘know’ he was guilty? Maybe – and then again maybe not.  But once again ‘duty’ and the system of due process of law meant that he was to receive the best defense possible. His legal team made sure that they did not let any doubt into their minds and thoughts while defending him.  Why? As a attorney you have to uphold the ‘law’ – and that law states innocent until proven guilty.  Great criminal defense attorneys make sure that falsehoods are brought to light, misconduct is righted, and the case is examined from every side and from all angles.

It is not easy being a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer. It is a difficult task, filled with stress, emotions and challenges.  On one hand you don’t want to see a client go free, who is truly guilty, and can now hide under ‘double jeopardy,’ because that client cannot be tried twice for the same crime. On the other hand, our system will fall prey to scavengers like thieves in the night stealing our rights if lawyers forget ‘innocent until proven guilty.’

As a Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer, Matthew Lopez Law works hard at making sure his clients get a ‘fair’ trial and that their rights are protected.  His team of legal experts have years of experience, know the laws and process, and decided to become Phoenix criminal defense lawyers for the same reason our Founding Fathers created our legal system. To uphold our democracy, our integrity, and have a way to remove injustice and harm.  As I said, it’s not an easy task – but someone has to do it.  Let’s say ‘thank you’ Matthew Lopez Law for being the strong ‘right hand’ of the law.