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Semi trucks can cause major injuries, Phoenix personal injury attorney helps victims & families

semi truck rollover caused some major delays early Wednesday morning on the southbound Interstate 17 north of the Loop 101. The truck rolled over, spilling its large haul of lumber across the road, causing three lanes to close. The driver was treated for some minor injuries from the crash, and not other injuries were reported. Also not reported was any other vehicle being involved. The driver was lucky to survive such an accident, and was lucky that nobody else on the road was hurt or killed. Semi trucks are all around us when we drive on the Valley’s freeways. These commercial vehicles weigh an incredible amount and are not easy to maneuver. They take skill, training and constant focus to turn corners, change lanes and to come to a stop.

Accidents involving semi trucks can easily result in some major injuries. Smaller vehicles do not stand a chance if they collide with a semi truck. Drivers of commercial trucks are required to take all the proper precautions and follow the laws at all times because they are on the job and are being paid. They are responsible to protect the lives of the other drivers they encounter on the roads and freeways. If you are ever injured in a semi truck accident, there is no question you need to call Phoenix personal injury attorney Matthew Lopez to discuss your case. Experienced and knowledgeable Phoenix personal injury attorney Matthew Lopez understands the pain and inconvenience of being involved in an accident and will work with insurance agencies and medical providers to get you the maximum settlement you deserve for your injuries.

Being aware and cautious around semi trucks is only one side of preventing accidents: the semi truck driver must be just as responsible if not more so. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving a semi truck or other commercial vehicle, call Phoenix personal injury attorney Matthew Lopez today for a free consultation.