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Tempe disorderly conduct lawyer returns order after your arrest

If you were tailgating at the ASU-USC game this weekend in Tempe, you may have noticed something strange…or you may not have noticed it at all.  The first thing that was odd: a City of Phoenix Police Department truck was parked next to the stadium – in Tempe.  The second thing that was odd, and what has Councilman Sal DiCiccio up in arms: there was a camera mounted on the bed of the truck video taping tailgaters.  With what DiCiccio is calling “spy equipment” Phoenix Police / Homeland Security was taping the tailgate parties, but Phoenix Police Department explained it was just part of a mutual aid agreement in which ASU borrowed resources to monitor the big game.  While the agencies have said the purpose was more for homeland security reasons, it goes to show you that police presence is everywhere and that you must be cautious of your behavior at all times.

At tailgating parties, the tendency is for the partyers to enjoy a few drinks before the game.  Drinking is often behind arrests made for disorderly conduct.  With police always on the look out for anything that they could interpret at “disruptive,” sports fans have to be careful to avoid such situations.  College games often draw a young crowd, meaning parties could get rowdy and tensions could escalate into a argument.  Even if there is no fighting, police can arrest you for disorderly conduct for as little as loud noises.  For such a range of actions resulting in a Tempe disorderly conduct arrest, this charge carries with it some severe consequences.  Hiring an experienced Tempe disorderly conduct lawyer is a must in order to show the court you take the charges seriously and to make sure you get the best outcome possible.  Tempe disorderly conduct lawyer Matthew Lopez will work with prosecutors to reduce or even eliminate your charges.

If you have been charged with a Tempe disorderly conduct, call Tempe disorderly conduct lawyer Matthew Lopez Law immediately for a free case evaluation.  We can get started on fighting your case right away.