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Clients are thankful for hiring experienced Tempe DUI attorney

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family and friends, enjoying good food and good company, giving thanks for everything we are grateful for.  For many it is the kickoff to the holiday season.  Like any other holiday, many will celebrate with a group of people and unwind with some alcoholic drinks.  Also like other holidays, police are on high alert for drunk drivers.  The entire state is aware of the higher possibility that people in Arizona roads will be impaired and will be accounting for the increase with more police on the streets, DUI checkpoints, and an overall higher level of awareness when it comes to traffic infractions.  Even a slight traffic violation such as rolling through a red light, speeding, or changing lanes without a signal could catch the eye of a police officer.  Once pulled over, they are well trained in detecting level of impairment and will arrest you before you can say “gobble gobble.”

To fight DUI charges in Arizona, you need an extensively trained Tempe DUI attorney who knows how to investigate your arrest, interview the arresting police officer, review paperwork, question field sobriety tests and lab results, and lead a through and successful defense.  Tempe DUI attorney Matthew Lopez has helped hundreds of clients get positive results from their DUI charges.  An Arizona DUI can affect your life and future in ways you can’t imagine.  Make sure you are taking the charges seriously by hiring a serious client-focused Tempe DUI attorney.

Tempe DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez is happy to discuss your case for free at 602-960-1731.  For more information about DUIs and DUI defense, visit the website at MatthewLopezLaw.com .  Have a happy and safe thanksgiving!