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Drug transportation charges should be handled by an experienced respected Scottsdale drug lawyer

Most drug trafficking busts don’t get to be labeled festive, but this one certainly was. Border patrol officials in Canada allegedly discovered almost 5 pounds of cocaine….stuffed into three pumpkins. The pumpkins were found inside a woman’s luggage at a Montreal airport last week, with the help of the scanning equipment.  Drug traffickers certainly come up with some creative ways to transport the stuff, keeping police and drug enforcement authorities on their toes at all times.  Transporting drugs across state lines, across borders, or even within Arizona can lead to some serious consequences if detected.  Charges can escalate quickly, and prosecutors will try to push for the fullest penalties possible.  Because the state will be fighting hard against you, you need to have a highly experienced Scottsdale drug lawyer fighting for you to get your charges reduced or eliminated.

Arizona’s elite Scottsdale drug lawyer Matthew Lopez will conduct a thorough and objective review of your case and the facts, and will develop a powerful and robust defense.  Scottsdale drug lawyer firm Matthew Lopez Law has years of experience with courts, judges and prosecutors all over Arizona.  He maintains a good reputation around the Valley and has been recommended countless times by previous clients.  If you are arrested for Arizona drug trafficking, Arizona drug transportation, or Arizona drug possession, do not take these charges lightly.  Your entire future is at stake.  Hiring Scottsdale drug lawyer Matthew Lopez means you can rest assured that your case is being taken care of and is in the best of hands, that all of your questions will be answered, and that much of the stress you are feeling is relieved.

Arizona drug attorney Matthew Lopez is available today for a free case consultation to discuss your charges.  Don’t put this off and hope it will go away: call Matthew Lopez Law today.