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Jefferson feels the burn from DUI arrest: Tempe DUI attorney is the one to call

Another professional athlete has made the news for bad behavior and is feeling the burn from his mistake.  Arizona Cardinals player DC Jefferson was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence on Friday night near Scottsdale Road and Osborne.  Jefferson was pulled over initially because his car matched the description of a vehicle involved in a crash earlier that night.  The officer then reported finding reasons to believe the driver was intoxicated and conducted further tests.  The tight end was polite and respectful during the questioning and arrest but nevertheless was arrested and charged with DUI.  Then, even more bad news for Mr. Jefferson: he was promptly released from the Cardinals.

While it is unknown if the replacement was directly in result of the arrest, the timing shows that it is likely it did have something to do with it.  This is just another reminder of the consequences of driving drunk.  An Arizona DUI conviction will stay on your record forever, unlike other states.  Furthermore, there will be fines, license suspension or revocation, interlock device, alcohol education courses, and jail time.  It is essential that you hire an experienced Arizona Tempe DUI attorney to guide you through the complex legal process and to present the most successful defense to reduce or eliminate your charges.  Tempe DUI attorney Matthew Lopez has a great reputation and has handled hundreds of DUI cases in Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Glendale, Phoenix and all over the state.  Clients are so happy with their outcomes of their cases that they often refer Matthew Lopez Law to friends, family and colleagues.

A DUI conviction could affect your career just like it did to DC Jefferson.  Show the courts you are taking the charge seriously by hiring a serious lawyer.  Call Tempe DUI attorney Matthew Lopez today for a free case evaluation: 602-960-1731