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When and why do I need a Glendale Arizona personal injury attorney?

Do you need an experienced personal injury attorney?

When car accidents happen out on our Arizona roads, victims are left in pain, piling medical bills, inconvenience from getting to and from work, and with many burning questions.  That is what is happening right now to a Glendale family whose loved one was severely injured in a car accident near 59th Avenue and Maryland early this morning.  The victim is in the hospital with life threatening injuries.  While many commuters grumbled about the road closure and being late to work, the victim is fighting for their life in a hospital room.  After such a serious collision, insurance companies will attempt to contact you to settle as soon as possible.  They will try to convince you your case is not worth much, sometimes not even enough to cover initial medical costs, not to mention future pain and suffering.

Insurance companies are not on your side, even your own insurance companies who will claim that they are.  You need an experienced Glendale Arizona personal injury attorney to be 100% committed to fighting for you, and who will get you the maximum money you deserve for your injuries.  Car accidents are traumatic experiences in a person’s life and can affect you more than the physical damage.  There is emotional scarring, inconvenient, lost wages, lack of freedom, and inability to enjoy your life. All of these issues need to be made up to you if you were injured in a car wreck that wasn’t your fault.

Arizona’s top Glendale Arizona personal injury attorney Matthew Lopez has helped hundreds of personal injury clients get positive results from their personal injury case.  Clients of Matthew Lopez Law frequently refer friends and family to Matthew Lopez Law.  Glendale Arizona personal injury attorney Matthew Lopez will answer your questions today during a free consultation.  Do not make any statements about your injuries to the insurance companies before speaking with Matthew Lopez.  Call today: 602-960-1731.