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When You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer in Phoenix

Great Advice From A Personal Injury Lawyer in Phoenix

When you need a personal injury lawyer, call Matthew Lopes Law for prompt results.

You just heard a friend got hurt in an accident. Now you wonder, what would happen if you got hurt.  What if a loved one got hurt?  If the injury was serious, would the settlement cover all of your costs and losses.  Above all, you dread the thought of having to deal with any of those big insurance companies.

People have lots of questions to ask when talking with a personal injury lawyer. They want to find out who is at fault. They ask about the compensation they can expect to receive.  Will it be enough to pay for medical bills.  Can they get their damaged vehicle replaced.  What about all the time they missed from work.  In some cases, what about the loss of a loved one’s life.

A personal injury lawyer is there to talk with clients, look at the facts, and do research. Using the facts and research, they will work to build a strong case in favor of the client.  If big insurance companies are involved, a trained personal injury lawyer will take the time read the policy and look for ways to get compensation for their clients. Often times, there are several policies that a personal injury lawyer can collect from in an accident case.

Personal injury lawyers will decide if a case can be settled or requires a trial. They will act as moderators so those big bad insurance companies do not abuse or ignore your rights to compensation.

Types of Personal Injury Claims

Negligence injury claims involve most vehicle accidents. A lawyer will look for five factors. A person’s duty, or the concern a person has for the safety of others. How was that duty ignored or abused. What caused the lack or abuse of duty. What is the amount of damages to claim, including medical costs, pain, suffering and loss.

Strict liability claims hold a person or a product maker solely liable for any harmful effects. Even with the best intentions, they are still liable for any defects or harm.  For instance, if a dog attacks another person, the law states the dog’s owner is strictly liable for the dog’s actions and the victim’s injuries. The dog could have been the best pet in the world, but if it attacks another person, the owner is held liable.

Matthew Lopez Law Understands Personal Injuries

Injury cases are never easy to figure out.  That is why you need to talk with a personal injury lawyer. Matthew Lopez Law has been practicing law for many years. Matthew Lopez Law has clients located in Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Surprise, Casa Grande, as well as Prescott and Lake Havasu. They know how Arizona law applies in personal injury cases.

As a team, they will review your case to discuss all possible outcomes. They will assess damages and contest insurance company claims in an effort to get you the best results.  Matthew Lopez Law offers free, no-obligation consultations. His team can either meet with you at your home, or while you are in the hospital.

Matthew Lopez will make it as easy as possible for you to collect the most on your claim. In fact, his firm will front all of the costs and expenses related to your case. He will not ask for anything in return unless your case settles.  When Matthew Lopez Law represents your personal injury case, there is no risk to you! Just peace of mind.

Personal injuries are trying times for each of us, so why go it alone? Matthew Lopez Law has the experience, integrity, and commitment. This is everything you need to get back what you lost. Don’t let someone else run your life – call Matthew Lopez Law today!

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