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Tempe public urination lawyer gives clients attention they deserve

Tempe is gearing up for the holidays by announcing its festival of the arts, holiday lights parade, boat lights parade and of course the huge blow out New Years Eve block party.  All of these annual festivals take place in downtown Tempe along Mill Avenue, near the Arizona State University campus.  Mill Avenue is known for its great selection of restaurants and bars and is a popular spot among families and party goers alike.  Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday Mill Ave is crowded with ASU students and groups of friends out to eat and bar hop.  Jumping from bar to bar between drinks often leads to an uncomfortable situation of needing to use a bathroom without one being easily accessible.  Mix that with being buzzed and you have the recipe for urinating in public.  Police along Mill are always aware of this practice and have to qualms about citing you for the act.

A citation for urinating in public is not something that you want to get.  Not only does it ruin a fun evening, it also carries with it fines and possibly worse charges.  To ensure you are giving your case the attention it needs, call Tempe public urination lawyer Matthew Lopez.  Tempe public urination lawyer Matthew Lopez has extensive experience in this type of citation and with Tempe prosecutors, judges and court systems.  Matthew Lopez has represented Tempe clients and ASU students for years and will give you and your case the personal attention you deserve. By hiring Tempe public urination attorney Tempe public urination lawyer Matthew Lopez Law you will have the best chance of getting a favorable outcome, reducing or even eliminating your charges.

While the best option is to avoid the situation to begin with by using a designated restroom, sometimes mistakes are made.  Contact Tempe public urination lawyer Matthew Lopez today for a free case review: 602-960-1731.