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Don’t play ball with insurance companies before calling Scottsdale personal injury lawyer

A minor league baseball team had a close call Tuesday morning when their van was involved in a collision at a Scottsdale intersection.

The crash, at Chaparral and Scottsdale Roads, involved 13 people: 12 people in the van and one person in the other vehicle.  Initial reports describe how a Kia turned out of a hotel drive way, crossed the northbound lanes on Scottsdale Road and hit the van carrying players from the San Francisco Giants’ minor league team.  There were between three and six people from the van taken to the hospital with injuries.  The driver of the Kia, possibly at fault, suffered no injuries.  While none of the reported injuries were life threatening, the crash could have been a lot worse.  The at-fault driver was negligent and not driving with the proper precautions to avoid a crash.

Car crashes like this involving a van carrying many people often can be more dangerous.  Many times the higher the occupancy f vehicle, whether it is a van or bus, the passengers decide not to wear their seat belts, and luggage can act like projectiles in a collision.  In this instance, the driver of the Kia was at fault and the victims are urged to contact a reputable and highly experienced Scottsdale personal injury lawyer to begin filing a claim immediately.  Car insurance companies know that if their insured causes an accident that results in injuries, they will pay.  If you don’t hire knowledgeable Scottsdale personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez, the insurance companies will offer a much lower settlement than you deserve.  They will use your statements against you and persuade you to settle.  Your injuries, inconvenience, and loss of wages are worth much more.

Don’t settle for the insurance companies idea of a good settlement: speak to Scottsdale personal injury lawyer Mathew Lopez before you make any decisions and before you talk to the insurance companies about your injuries.  Call today for a free case consultation.