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Phoenix aggressive driving lawyer aggressively defends clients

It is good to know that just because someone is in law enforcement, they are not, as many think, above the law.  A Pinal County sheriff deputy found out the hard way when he was fired last month.  The reason he was dismissed was for his dangerous driving habits.  The deputy had been involved in several incidents where he was at fault for driving unsafely on duty, including four complaints this past summer and even a fatal crash in which he was allegedly driving almost 100 miles per hour.  Driving violations may seem minor for a police officer, but it is clear they are taken very seriously by the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office.

If a sheriff deputy can be fired over driving dangerously, just think about the consequences you may face as a citizen.  Driving violations can range from minor to major and the legal consequences also can range.  A driving charge such as aggressive driving is a class one misdemeanor, and can actually affect your life in a serious way, carrying with it drivers license suspension, fines, court costs, traffic survival school, and last but certainly not least, a criminal record.  In addition, you face increased drivers insurance rates going forward which can last well into your future.  It is important that you take the right course of action after being charged with aggressive driving by calling Phoenix aggressive driving lawyer Matthew Lopez to discuss your case.  Phoenix aggressive driving lawyer Matthew Lopez has helped many clients receive positive results for their driving charges.

Arizona aggressive driving charges are expensive, inconvenient and taken seriously by the courts.  Contact Phoenix aggressive driving lawyer Matthew Lopez Law today for your free case evaluation and get all of your questions answered. Call 602-960-1731 or visit our website at www.MatthewLopezLaw.com . We can get started on fighting your charges immediately.