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Sun Devil fans glad to have Tempe underage drinking lawyer on their side

The Territorial Cup stays in Tempe after the Arizona State Sun Devils beat the University of Arizona Wildcats this weekend at the Sun Devils stadium.  For many ASU football fans, it was a sweet victory, with an exhilarating final score of 58 to 21. The entire ASU campus and surrounding Tempe area was buzzing with excitement, and bars were jam packed with fans from both sides on Mill Avenue and around ASU.  Bars and restaurants try hard to prevent underagers from buying alcohol but where there’s and will there’s a way.  Many students at ASU are under 21 and like to take part in the party atmosphere of college, especially during highly anticipated football games.  Police were out in full force on Saturday looking out for disruptive behavior and underage drinking.  Tempe police and campus police have no qualms about asking for IDs and asking questions, ultimately discovering you are not 21.

Tempe underage drinking charges are common around the ASU campus, but that certainly does not mean they are a breeze to get through.  An underage drinking charge can stay on your record forever, and there is a wide range of consequences.  The legal process is taken very seriously by the courts and the prosecutors.  Treat a Tempe underage drinking charge with equal importance by hiring a top Valley Tempe underage drinking lawyer.  Tempe underage drinking lawyer Matthew Lopez handles hundreds of these charges and has so many happy clients that he receives referrals almost every day.  Matthew Lopez Law prides itself on its customer service and being available throughout your case to answer any of your questions.

Being charged with an Arizona underage drinking crime is a serious matter and your case needs to be carefully, thoroughly and professionally handled.  Contact ASU criminal defense attorney and Tempe underage drinking lawyer Matthew Lopez to discuss your case for free: 602-960-1731.