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An Arizona DUI charge is no game: call Glendale AZ DUI attorney for free case review

This weekend is a big weekend for sports fans in Arizona.  Not only are the pro golfers swinging for a win in North Scottdale at the Phoenix Open, but of course the biggest game of the year is on Sunday: the Super Bowl.  The Broncos and the Seahawks will go head to head on the East coast, but that doesn’t stop football fans, and everyone else for that matter, from enjoying the game in Arizona on the big screen.  Most of us will be watching, either the for game or for the commercials, at a bar or at a friends house.  Along with the food, there will most likely be a good selection of beer and wine available for guests. DPS knows that the Super Bowl may as well be a national holiday when it comes to drinking and driving: they will be on high alert all weekend watching out for signs of impaired drivers, such as weaving, swerving, driving fast or slow, or even as minor as not using a turn signal or turning into a far lane.

These traffic violations may be seen everyday even by sober drivers, but if you have been drinking and are pulled over, the officer is highly trained to detect if you are impaired.  Once arrested, they will take your blood to determine your blood alcohol level.  The field sobriety tests and lab results procedures are meant to be followed exactly, and Glendale AZ DUI attorney Matthew Lopez knows how to investigate a DUI charge to find any and all issues with the state’s case.  This includes thoroughly reviewing the police report, lab results, and field sobriety test results; interviewing the police officers; discussing the charges with the prosecutor; and consulting with expert witnesses.  Hiring an experienced Glendale AZ DUI attorney is the best decision you can make if you have been charged with DUI in Arizona.

Glendale AZ DUI attorney Matthew Lopez is dedicated to his clients and fights to get the best possible results. Contact Arizona DUI law firm Matthew Lopez Law today for a free consultation.