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Call ASU drug possession lawyer if arrested in Tempe

It is always shocking when a member of the community, who lives a seemingly normal life and has a respectable career, is found to have a secret life.  That is what happened to an Arizona State University recruiter when he was arrested this weekend for drug possession.  The assistant director of admission was a recruiter for the ASU business school.  He was allegedly seen with cocaine at a restaurant and was shortly taken into custody and charged with possession of a narcotic drug and possession of drug paraphernalia.  It is easy to hold an employee of a university to higher standards than the average “joe,” but this incident just shows how often drugs can play a part in anyone’s life regardless of job, community status, age, race or income.

The drug charges this man is facing are very serious.  Not only is his job in the line, but his future career goals as well.  Facing consequences of a felony is a stressful and scary time for anyone who has been arrested for drug crimes.  The best way to ensure you have the best defense is by hiring an experienced ASU drug possession lawyer to fight for you.  Tempe’s top ASU drug possession lawyer Matthew Lopez will conduct a thorough investigation into your arrest and the charges to get you the best results possible.  ASU criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez has hundreds of happy clients who frequently refer friends and family to him in their time of need.

Drug crimes are taken extremely seriously by Arizona courts.  Your job, community standing and income will not matter when you are standing in front of a judge.  Protect the life you have worked hard for by having ASU drug possession lawyer on you side the whole way.  Contact Matthew Lopez Law today for a free consultation: nap_phone id=”LOCAL-REGULAR-NUMBER-2″].