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Extreme hot water for Kingman man: Time to call Phoenix extreme DUI lawyer

A man in north west Arizona is in jail today following a major mistake. The man was arrested in Kingman after he was found in his car in someone’s front yard. The officers called to the scene tested his blood alcohol level and found he has a blood alcohol content of 0.231 percent—three times the legal limit. The fact that he was parked at the time does not prevent the arrest: the man was in control of the vehicle. He also allegedly struck 2 parked cars before crashing into the front yard. The man is facing an extreme DUI charge and property damage charges. Having such a high BAC means you easily lose control of a vehicle if you decide to drive. Your concentration level is low, reaction time is very long, judgment is very poor and you risk passing out while moving.

Driving under the influence is a serious crime, but extreme DUI is even more serious and carries heavier consequences. If you are lucky enough to escape unharmed and without harming anyone else, you still face jail time, hefty fines, court and jail fees, interlock device, and alcohol screening and classes. In addition, your license could be suspended or revoked, and you will have a criminal record. There is a lot an experienced Phoenix extreme DUI lawyer can do for you after you are arrested for extreme DUI. Contact top Phoenix extreme DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez to discuss your case for free and to get all of your questions answered. Phoenix extreme DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez will guide you and represent you throughout the entire case. He helps his clients through this difficult and stressful time to get them back on their feet sooner.

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