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Get back on the bike sooner with Scottsdale motorcycle injury attorney

motorcycle crash on the loop 101 this morning resulted in the freeway closure and major delays for commuters.  The driver of the motorcycle was a Scottsdale police officer.  He was injured but is going to be ok.  In this incident, the only vehicle involved was the motorcycle, but even still, the police officer is lucky to get away with non-life threatening injuries.  Not much information has been released in regards to the cause of the accident, but this news still serves as a good reminder for motorists to watch out for motorcycles every second they are on the road.

Scottsdale has a lot of motorcycle enthusiast, enjoying the mild weather and long stretches of open roads and biker friendly destinations.  Riding a motorcycle is a fun thrilling activity but is not without its risks.  Riders are more exposed and are difficult to spot by other drivers.  An accident, even a minor one, can cause major injuries and long lasting pain.  As a victim of a motorcycle crash, it is your right to collect a settlement to cover the medical bills and to compensate for the physical and emotional pain that often results from a crash.  Dealing with the insurance companies without an experienced Scottsdale motorcycle injury attorney is time consuming and often does not get good results.  To be taken seriously and to get the settlement you deserve for your injuries, contact Scottsdale motorcycle injury attorney Matthew Lopez to discuss your case.  Matthew Lopez Law is a top Arizona personal injury law firm that has helped hundreds of clients get favorable results from their accident cases.

Insurance companies will want to discuss your injuries with you and will take your words to use against you.  Let knowledgeable Scottsdale motorcycle injury attorney Matthew Lopez work with the insurance companies, medical providers, witnesses and the at fault party to collect the money you deserve.