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Glendale AZ marijuana attorney warns AZ is no CO

Several places around the country are ringing in the New Year with some new laws.  Colorado is making the news with one if its most controversial new laws: the legalization of recreational marijuana.  Colorado is the first state to introduce the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, possibly paving the way for other states to follow suit, depending on how things play out.  States who have legalized medical marijuana especially are watching carefully as Colorado sets the stage for a new form of entertainment.  One of the consequences of allowing pot to be used by everyone is the dangers of driving while under the influence.

Driving drunk is a well-publicized behavior that often makes the news, appears on TV ads, and billboards.  Now that marijuana is out on the streets, it is most likely going to become more commonly used, and therefore could be found more often in drivers’ systems.  Arizona has legalized marijuana for medical purposes, but not yet for recreational use.  Public opinion polls show that more and more people support the legalization for recreational use.  Until then, any amount of marijuana in your system while driving can result in receiving an Arizona marijuana DUI.  Drug DUI charges are very complex, and more serious than alcohol DUI charges.  They require a highly knowledgeable Glendale AZ marijuana attorney who has had experience with DUIs and drug cases.  Glendale AZ marijuana attorney Matthew Lopez helps his clients from the beginning to the end of their case, and beyond.  Glendale AZ marijuana attorney Matthew Lopez assists with license suspension and license revocation DMV issues, helps you complete court ordered actions, and of course, presents a thorough strong defense to get you the best possible outcome.

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