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Phoenix personal injury attorney helps victims get the money they deserve

A man is dead after a multi vehicle crash on the I 17 Monday afternoon. The accident, that occurred southbound I 17 in Phoenix, involved a motorcycle, a semi truck and an SUV carrying a family of six. The motorcyclist died and several of the passengers in the SUV were taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries. The cause of the accident is thought to be gas cylinders that fell from the bed of a truck into the road. The motorcyclist apparently swerved to avoid the cylinders, resulting in the collision of the three vehicles.

Automobile accidents happen every day in Phoenix, but this one was particularly sad as a person lost his life. It is difficult to say at this point if there was an at fault party or if anyone was cited. These types of injuries and the death require professional Phoenix personal injury attorney to handle the settlement claims. Phoenix personal injury attorney Matthew Lopez has helped hundreds of clients after they have been injured in automobile accidents by taking the stress and worry off them so they can focus on healing. Following u with medical providers, engaging in negotiations with the insurance companies, and tracking down responsible parties is extremely time consuming and difficult. IT takes someone with a lot of experience to know the best ways to talk to insurance companies to get the best possible outcome. Phoenix personal injury attorney Matthew Lopez will fight hard to maximize you settlement to cover all of your medical costs, as well as the inconvenience, pain, suffering, lost wages, and emotional distress car accidents can cause.

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